Global Mortgage Group (GMG) Unveils Niseko Residential Mortgages for International Investors

Meet the co-founders of Global Mortgage Group

Perfect timing as most of Asia will be fully open for travel this winter.

Our primary goal is to create a world where getting a mortgage where you don’t live is made easier, cheaper, faster and more transparent for everyone.

—Donald Klip

SINGAPORE, Sept. 30, 2022 / — Global Mortgage Group, the world’s leading international mortgage brokerage, focusing primarily on affluent global investors, today announced that residential mortgages on Niseko Mortgages are finally available to international investors.

This is significant as Niseko has been one of the most popular winter destinations over the past 10 years, particularly in Asia, given the local dining options, luxury accommodation available and quality powder snow (called “pow” in Niseko). However, despite the growth in home ownership over the past 10 years from international investors, it was all cash purchases given the lack of financing options – until now. !

“Everything we do is driven by what our customers want, but must be consistent with our primary purpose, which is to create a world where getting a mortgage where you don’t live is made easier. cheaper, faster and more transparent for everyone.” says Donald Klip, co-founder of GMG. “The strength of the USD against the JPY has also been a strong driver of demand over the past 6 months” , says Klip.

Leonard Lee, MD, Business Development, and creator of GMG’s Niseko Loan Program, says, “Our Niseko mortgages are up to 70% loan-to-value, starting at 2% per annum and for 20 years, perfect for an international investor who has a long-term view of Niseko.

Additional information about GMG Niseko Mortgages can be found at this link. You can also contact Leonard Lee at [email protected] or +65 8282-5388.

About Global Mortgage Group

Founded in 2019, Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG]and headquartered in Singapore, is a global, full-service mortgage finance company offering mortgages for investment purposes in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. , and Japan.

GMG is focused on building quality, long-term relationships with its partners such as private banks, client advisors, independent asset managers, wealth management offices, real estate agents and other mortgage brokers located around the world by offering a wide variety of mortgage programs geared towards specific needs. markets with an exceptional customer experience.

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