GMG announces new residential mortgages in Thailand for international investors

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You can now finance a home in Thailand as a foreign national living abroad!

Our primary goal is to create a world where getting a mortgage where you don’t live is made easier, cheaper, faster and more transparent for everyone.

—Donald Klip

SINGAPORE, Oct. 19, 2022 / — Global Mortgage Group (GMG), the world’s leading international mortgage brokerage, focusing primarily on high net worth global investors, today announced that residential mortgages on Thai real estate are finally available to international investors.

This includes Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

This is important as Thailand is one of the best known tourist destinations in the world, and now with the ability to “work anywhere” many choose Thailand given the low cost of living, great food choices , abundant life options and relative geolocation. – political stability.

Despite measures to strengthen post-Covid real estate measures, such as the reduction of property transfer fees and mortgages for properties under THB 3 million and the Bank of Thailand’s introduction of a mortgage at 100% LTV in October 2021, prices still haven’t changed much. For international investors, this is a great opportunity.

We have loan programs specially designed for international investors as well as those who hold a Thai residence card or a Thai company.

“Everything we do is driven by what our customers want, but must be consistent with our primary goal of creating a world where getting a mortgage where you don’t live is made easier. , cheaper, faster and more transparent to everything,” says Donald Klip, Co-Founder of GMG “There have also been currency benefits, especially from buyers in Hong Kong or Singapore who are considering Thailand,” says Klip.

Madel Tan, Associate Director and Head of GMG’s Thailand Loan Program, says, “Our mortgages in Thailand are up to 50% loan-to-value and for 10 years, perfect for an international investor with a long-term view. term of Bangkok and its periphery. , main resort provinces.

Additional information about GMG Thailand mortgages can be found here.

You can also contact Madel Tan at [email protected] or +65 9634 5623.

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