Guillem Balague column: Why Biggleswade United need a local company to help as costs rise

Biggleswade United needs help from local businesses as energy prices soar.

These are not just match days but also training nights for our four senior teams when the pitch needs to be lit and the clubhouse needs to be warm and welcoming to all who attend.

That’s why, like never before, we have to do our best to try to get in touch with local businesses to see if we can work together and see if they can help us through sponsorship in all its forms to to help deal with this latest crisis. .

Here at Biggleswade United we are fortunate to have around 70,000 social media followers. This has allowed us to open up partnerships with people all over the world and we have in the past been featured on Spanish and Brazilian TV, featured on a double page spread in the prestigious French sports newspaper L ‘Team and even featured in a fly on the wall mini series on TV2 in Norway.

But there is nothing more vital, valuable and effective than establishing a network that can make direct contact with those people on our doorstep, our own community.

We are now around 200 people involved at the club as volunteers, players or coaches who can all spread the word.

Local businesses can support us in many ways, whether it’s sponsoring a player for £75, a match for £175 or even the match ball for £50.

We already have about 10 of our players from our senior teams sponsored and I hope more will follow.

There are also opportunities for companies to advertise their field activities and we are constantly looking for new and varied ways to make the field work every day.

Above all, we must strive to develop relationships with those closest to us, because now more than ever, we must work together to try to create an identity and mutual prosperity for ourselves and this community of which we are proud to to be a part of.

There is now a fundraising team and one of our first initiatives will be to have our replica kit and other club merchandise available at an outlet in town as well as at the clubhouse.

We are constantly talking with the city’s hospitality industry to see how we can work with advertising.

Financial assistance from the FA during the pandemic has been a vital lifeline for us, but it is now a thing of the past.

We must now seek to maximize the assets we have. Our clubhouse is always available for rental for functions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. or for any club, society or business looking for a place where their members or employees can enjoy the benefits of a fully licensed bar and the warmest welcome.