Houston outperforms other Texas cities in new business growth

Tatiana Fofanova’s goal is to have her company’s digital health platform active in all 50 states by the end of the first quarter of 2023. She’s already halfway there.

Fofanova founded Koda Health, a B2B enterprise SaaS solution that guides patients through the process of proactive healthcare planning and document authentication, in early 2020 with co-founders Dr. Desh Mohan, who holds the position of chief medical officer, and Katelin Cherry, the company. CTO. The trio logged into the Texas Medical Center Biodesign Fellowship Program and observed how advanced care planning was something that was off the radar for most patients.

The technology platform allows patients and their providers to be on the same page for their care. Fofanova describes the platform as similar to TurboTax – users answer a series of questions and the program provides a care plan that is then shared with the patient’s doctors. This greatly simplifies – and democratizes – the process for patients and providers.

“The standard of care for advanced care planning has traditionally been left to patients alone — with an estate planning attorney or through a direct-to-consumer solution,” Fofanova said on this week’s episode of the Houston Innovators Podcast.

But when the pandemic hit, not only did patients find it more difficult to access these services, it also exposed more of the gap between those who could traditionally afford advanced care planning and those who could not. not. Koda Health targets value-based care organizations, which then integrate the platform for their patients to use for free. Fofanova says it is in the interest of these providers to have these plans established.

“For the customers we serve — value-based care organizations — bringing these services to these populations was also a priority,” Fofanova said. “They save money when they provide the right care. When they don’t know the right care to provide, everything escalates.”

A few months after its launch, Koda Health was invited to Techstars, received NSF funding, and launched its first paid pilot. The pandemic has been almost like a firecracker for her business, she says.

Koda Health is experiencing another period of rapid growth. After seed funding of $3.5 million earlier this year, the company is expanding its product across the country, posing several challenges for Koda.

“Regulations around medical powers of attorney, advance directives, do-not-resuscitate orders — things like that — vary from state to state,” Fofanova says. “Some states are pretty straightforward, but others are incredibly complicated. We worked with a law firm to make our product legal in every state, and that required a complete rebuild of our foundational engine in order to enable or disable all of these requirements.”

Recently launching its Spanish beta platform, Koda is now compliant in 25 states with new contracts in most of those areas already. It now has 12 full-time employees working both in Houston and remotely. This year, Koda has approximately 5,000 patients on its platform. Next year, based on growth projections, Fofanova says that number will increase to 100,000 before reaching 500,000 patients in 2024.

She shares more details about this growth and the future of Koda Health on the podcast. Listen to the interview below — or wherever you stream your podcasts — and subscribe to weekly episodes.