Iberdrola SA: Eleven Spanish companies, recognized by Iberdrola for their cutting-edge work on climate change

Eleven Spanish companies, recognized by Iberdrola for their cutting-edge work on climate change

Iberdrola today presented its Supplier of the Year Awards in Spain 2022, an award that aims to showcase Spanish technology and highlight its position as an international leader. In this edition, the awards were given to a total of 11 companies that stand out for being at the forefront of climate change.

With these awards, Iberdrola recognizes the fundamental role that each partner plays in the realization of the group’s strategic projects and highlights the importance of creating an ecosystem of suppliers working towards the same objectives.

All recognized companies share values ​​such as safety, innovation, job creation, internationalization and sustainability. They also collaborate with Iberdrola in its strategy towards a decarbonized economy, based on its investments in renewable energies and increasingly smart distribution networks, large-scale storage projects and its commitment to offer innovative solutions for its customers. .

In 2021, Iberdrola made purchases related to equipment, materials, works and services for more than 2.4 billion euros from almost 4,400 suppliers in Spain. In Spain, 84% of these purchases were made from local suppliers, many of whom are SMEs, a percentage in line with the group’s global average.
In 2022, over the first 10 months, this volume invoiced to suppliers in Spain already amounts to nearly 2 billion euros, figures which reinforce the company’s commitment to the development of local suppliers and the creation of indirect jobs.
According to the 2023-2025 outlook, investments in Spain will exceed 6 billion euros in three years. By 2030, Iberdrola’s activities will support more than 500,000 jobs worldwide throughout the supply chain. Of this figure, more than 85,000 jobs will be in Spain.
The presentation of these awards, held this afternoon at the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, was chaired by Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola Spain, accompanied by the Global Director of People and Services and Institutional Delegate of ‘Iberdrola in the Basque Country, Asís Canales. It also brought together more than 240 guests, including many representatives of the supplier companies with which Iberdrola collaborates in Spain.

In his speech, Mario Ruiz-Tagle underlined that suppliers are necessary and that they are an important player. “Without their work, commitment, dedication and daily performance, we could not continue to be a responsible, sustainable and resilient company,” he stressed. He also recalled that the company’s investments in Spain will exceed 6 billion euros in 2025, which will mean a total employment of 85,000 people.

The Iberdrola Supplier of the Year Awards 2022 in Spain consist of 11 categories, which recognize companies for their focus on innovation and competitiveness, diversity and equality, occupational risk prevention and quality, sustainability, job creation or their vocation for internationalization.

Supplier of the Year Award went to Ormazabal. The 2022 Special Prize was awarded to this Basque company, for its extensive experience working with Iberdrola, always responding with the highest level of quality, jointly developing solutions and supply flexibility. Ormazabal is more of a partner than a supplier, sharing risk with continuous quality communication and is an industry leader in best practices.

The price in the Equipment manufacturer category goes to Gonvarri Solar Steel of Asturias. This supplier provides great support in several key projects for Iberdrola by demonstrating flexibility, quality of service, reliable equipment and competitive prices in the field of renewable energies.

The price for Internationalization was awarded to Deutsche Windtechnik; a supplier from Aragon that accompanies Iberdrola in the strategy of global wind turbine maintenance models outside Spain and new markets.

In the Entrepreneurship and innovation In this category, the winner is Beeplanet, the Navarrese start-up that installs second-life batteries (circular economy) in charging points. They have developed a scalable product that accelerates the deployment of fast charging stations.

In the Diversity and Equality Categorythe company INAEL, based in La Mancha, was rewarded for its commitment to implementing measures to promote diversity and equal opportunities, supporting policies that can benefit groups facing particular difficulties when manufacture of equipment and materials for Iberdrola’s electrical networks.

The price for Digitization and new technologies was awarded to the Madrid-based company BLUETAB (IBM group) for its work in the areas of Big Data, Cloud, Data Management and Data Governance. The technology company plans to hire 300 professionals over the next three years, according to the company for the HUB new talent in Biscay.

The award-winning company Works and Technical Services section was Lizelan from Guipuzcoa for his decisive service in eliminating pruning anomalies in the electricity distribution sector, carrying out his work with high quality.

In Non-technical servicesthe winner was the Madrid-based company JA Garrigues, Iberdrola’s first law firm in Spain, which provides legal advisory services in different areas, aligned with the highest international standards in corporate governance.

The Energetic transition the prize was awarded to Eco Energías del Guadiana de Extremadura, recognized for its environmental management services and co-development contracts for photovoltaic solar power plants. Thanks to this collaboration, Iberdrola has built and commissioned more than 1,900 new solar MW; it has an additional 575 MW under construction and 380 MW at an advanced stage of processing.

In the category of Sustainability and contribution to the SDGsIberdrola has recognized the work of the Galician company Mil SA Trillo Galicia, which after carrying out an ESG improvement plan requested by Iberdrola, has positioned itself with more than 90 points/100 in the ESG Sustainability model.

In this edition, Iberdrola also awarded a prize for economic recovery and job creation to the Asturian company IDESA (GDA-Windar) for its efficient management and maximum safety with the H2 storage tanks of the Iberdrola hydrogen plant in Puertollano, Ciudad Real.