India plans to make big tech companies like Google pay news publishers for using their content

New Delhi: The government has hinted that it is considering making big tech companies active in content, such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Amazon, pay Indian newspapers as well as digital news publishers a share of the revenue. to use their original content. The process has already been adopted by countries such as Australia, Canada, France and Spain.

Chandrashekhar added that original content creators have not benefited from the growth of social media and technology platforms in India, but do not share revenue with original content creators.

Earlier this year, Australia passed a new media law to force big tech companies to pay for local news. Just before the new law took effect, Facebook blocked news content in Australia after a dispute with the government over payment for content. Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Facebook’s decision to ban news content in Australia “arrogant” and “disappointing”.

After a row with the Australian government, Facebook blocked users from viewing and sharing information on its platform due to a law requiring the tech company to pay news publishers for the use of their content .

In May 2022, the Canadian government proposed legislation to make revenue sharing fair between digital news publishers and social media platforms, including Google and Facebook.