Major Spanish companies will increase their investment in cloud technology by 20% next year

More training on profiling and using FinOps (financial operations) methodologies in cloud technology can be one Approximately 30% cloud investment savings next year, which will mean Nearly 1,000 million euros.

This is the main conclusion of Juan José Muoz, head of the technical transformation sector of the consulting firm Quint, who analyzed the state of the market in Spain on the basis of a report he prepared in collaboration with four other colleagues.

And that, as specified in it, is the cloud”Technology irreversibly integrated into the heart of organizations“You can only talk about different paces” in this country and “when planning your progression to the next level of maturity” in each company.

The report highlights the growth experienced by the sector in recent years, particularly in 2022, and specifies that the budget allocated by companies to its development is increasing.

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As they point out, the percentage of enterprises spending at least 15% of their IT budget on IaaS and PaaS services this year is around at 55% and disbursement of 10.5% more than 50%. At the same time, in SaaS, an increase in investment layers equal to or greater than 25% is assumed due to the generalization of remote work and the rise of tools for managing hybrid and multicloud environments.

The document indicates that this increased investment in the cloud a complaint to suppliers, That they have benefited from bringing their data centers closer together.

Likewise, it is estimated that in the next financial year, the “great Spanish company” will increase its investments in cloud technology by 20%, 3,000 million euros,

“The question is no longer ‘is the cloud right for me?’ But ‘how much and how is the cloud right for me? or ‘How can I ensure I’m getting all the performance possible within my overall business strategy?’ “, he explains in the report above.

81% will double their commitment to data analytics

Thus, the document indicates that 81% The executives of the large companies who responded confirmed that they had achieved “all or almost all of the objectives initially set with this technology”, even if over 60% He explains that they can make the most of it through the introduction of cloud financial management strategies.

With regard to specific uses, this year 52.6% Organization He assures that he will use the cloud to exploit the capacities related to artificial intelligence, machine learning That is read or learn by meditating, With all and 64.4% It will focus on services related to data analysis.

With regard to this last aspect, 81% Respondents expressed their intention to increase their business related to them.

Lack of knowledge is the biggest barrier to cloud adoption

Considering that the report indicates that 79.3% believes that the main benefit their organization has gained from the introduction of cloud technology is Flexibility and scalability, corrected after time to market With 46% and the transformation of the IT sector, also with 46%.

front face, 34% Explains the top hurdle IT managers face when adopting the cloud lack of knowledge which is on it. And that, according to the study, companies are working to increase the training of their employees, but almost 70% does it through basic works, which prevents access to the full use of the equipment.

“This poses a challenge for organizations that must internalize and prioritize their IT strategies as a key point if they are to continue maturing their cloud journey and the wide range of solutions it offers. want to consolidate,” explain the authors.

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On the other hand, the document shows that more than 63% Respondents opted for flexibility when choosing a cloud provider, while and 61.2% Give importance to the quality-price factor.

However, the majority is attached to diversification since 51.7% of the executives questioned claim the allocation More than 70% of your budget in the cloud between two different companies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure dominate the ranking of cloud infrastructure providers in the Spanish market.