Medical Diagnostics Expert Reveals Major Expansion | Northwest Business News

Liam Spence and Professor Frank Joseph

A medical diagnostics expert revealed its expansion into Australia and New Zealand.

DAM Health, which has more than 60 clinics in the UK and centers in Spain and Mexico, will provide medical supplies and open diagnostic centers in major cities in both countries.

It will support hospitals and pharmacies with medical supplies and equipment.

The company is also set to expand its services to include medical screening and examinations, DNA testing and early testing for prostate cancer.

This decision comes after a period of unprecedented growth for DAM in the field of medical diagnostics after its establishment as a specialist in Covid-19 testing.

While performing over a million PCR and antigen tests across the UK, it has expanded to over 1,000 staff, 12 operational laboratories and over 100 clinics worldwide.

The private medical company recently introduced new services including vitamin therapy, cryotherapy, weight management and travel vaccines. It continues to offer rapid Covid-19 testing and flight-friendly facilities with same-day results.

Liam Spence, Director of Human Resources and Marketing for DAM Health, said: “The expansion into Australia and New Zealand is an important step for us.

“We have established the DAM Health brand in the UK, Spain and Mexico and are excited to do the same in Australasia. We will use the strength of our UK base, with over 60 clinics, as well as the range of online services offered by DAM.

“This decision gives DAM Health a foothold on another major continent, allowing us to continue to improve the quality of life for patients and customers and provide vital medical supplies to those in need.

He added: “Opening diagnostic centers in major cities across Australia and New Zealand will also allow us to detect viruses and diseases as early as possible while providing proactive medical care around the clock.”

DAM Health has 62 clinics across the UK, including Manchester, Liverpool, Essex, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and London.