New Energy, New You: Spain’s Infinity Lithium prepares residents for the green energy revolution

Infinity Lithium’s Spanish subsidiary, Extremadura New Energies, will take the initiative to train local workers in the transition to green energy after announcing a collaboration agreement to implement training and development programs on batteries and hydrogen in his country of origin.

Located around the San Jose project proposed by Infinity Lithium (ASX:INF), where the company recently produced battery-grade lithium carbonate and hydroxide as part of a feasibility study, Extremadura New Energies will work with EIT InnoEnergy to set up training courses for the European Battery Academy in Extremadura.

Extremadura will be a priority partner in the distribution, promotion and delivery of courses delivered by EIT InnoEnergy, which has been commissioned by the European Commission to manage and lead the industrial development program of the European Battery Alliance under its model EBA250.

They will cover topics related to technology, business and innovation in the battery and hydrogen sector in Extremadura, where INF’s Extremadura New Energies activity has signed a local agreement with the association of community enterprises LOABRE and the Electric Mobility Cluster of Extremadura (CarEX) to launch lithium-ion battery training and development programs.

Fight against unemployment and depopulation

According to the INF, the agreements provide the framework for offering specific training in energy storage, electric mobility and renewable energies.

The ultimate goal is to provide an ecosystem to stimulate economic growth and combat unemployment and depopulation in local communities in Cáceres and greater Extramadura.

The CEO of Extremadura New Energies, Ramón Jiménez Serrano, said that the collaboration with EIT InnoEnergy “will allow Extremadura to be at the forefront of training related to sectors in full development in Spain and throughout Europe”.

The Cáceres-based company’s commitment to advancing training in the industry “will open up new job opportunities for many young people in Extremadura linked to the lithium value chain,” Jiménez said.

It comes after CarEX and its chairman Tomás Sánchez reinforced their commitment to the local training agreement with Extremadura New Energies chief executive David Valls appointed group vice president.

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