New RIoT Accelerator Program includes 4 companies, City of Cary

RALEIGH- Riot is thrilled to announce RAP XII – the RIoT Acceleration Program (RAP) Summer 2022 cohort! RAP XII will take place at RIoT Labs in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The RAP XII cohort represents a variety of industries and backgrounds from diverse North Carolina communities. The startups are working on technology solutions in healthcare, immersive language, live music streaming, and medical devices. Founders will leverage the diversity of the cohort to learn and grow together during the intensive 12-week program beginning July 20, 2022. Learn more about RAP XII startups below.


Upper is a technology-driven holistic healthcare system, making proactive lifestyle and holistic treatment the quickest and easiest decision to make. Beginning with a retail health and wellness services market, Upper is focused on building infrastructure, processes and patient collaboration for its tight-knit wellness community. Upper’s primary focus is referral and prescribing wellness, while long-term software development includes drug-free pharmacy, personalized naturopathic medicine home health care teams, and environment and fintech. Founder and CEO, Sara Auld grew up with a holistic mindset towards healthcare. Sara has a background in entrepreneurship as this is her second business that she founded.

Playful learning solutions

GLS’s current project is GabbLabb(TM) which provides K-12 learners with an immersive video game language environment to learn to speak Spanish. Gabblabb(TM) encourages speaking fluency by having students use Spanish to progress through levels, complete mission objectives, and collect tokens and points along the way. With GabbLabb’s methodology providing guidance, retention and fluency in speaking is enhanced through cognitive strategies, such as Rebus puzzles that encourage active thinking and make conversations in Spanish easily achievable. Founder and CEO, Sherin Keys has a background in education and has developed this business based on real hands-on experiences with the children she has worked with.

Nexus Media ~ Skrachy

Skrachy is an all-in-one business platform designed specifically for DJs, and it’s also a live music streaming service for music consumers. The Skrachy platform consists of two main services; A digital streaming platform for DJs and a digital music service for music consumers. Founder and CEO, Kevan Cooper saw an opportunity in the midst of COVID when his son needed help uploading content.

MUSE Biomedical

MUSE aims to develop medical devices and technologies that prevent opioid addictions. Their goal is to give patients, their families, and physicians the tools to ensure that pain management treatments are safe throughout a prescription plan. To date, no other method of addressing the opioid epidemic has focused on providing addiction prevention measures that help patients and healthcare providers understand exactly how the body responds to opioids. By identifying signs of drug dependence and tolerance, the MUSE device can help make pain treatment a more effective and safer process for everyone involved. The founders of MUSE hail from UNC Chapel Hill and started this company while in UNC’s biomedical engineering program and attended LAUNCH Chapel Hill.

City of Cari

The City of Cary, an innovative and exciting municipal RIoT partner, will introduce its second government innovation project this summer under the RIoT Accelerator program. Cary has an ambitious technology project underway – one of the first municipally-run LoRa networks in the country. Leaders of their smart cities will leverage the RAP to conceptualize the project as a startup to identify market-driven applications and operationalize the network.

Do you want to support these startups as a mentor, client or partner? Contact Program Director Rachael Newberry ([email protected]) to learn more.