Qataro-Spanish Business Council seeks to boost bilateral trade and investment

A webinar between the Qatar Businessmen’s Association (QBA) and officials from Qatar and Spain highlighted the launch of the Joint Qatari-Spanish Business Council on Saturday.

QBA Chairman HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani says the business council, which includes “elite businessmen from Qatar and”, opens a new page in the history of economic relations between the two countries.

Sheikh Faisal said the council seeks to encourage bilateral trade and investment in various fields, be it in the manufacturing or service sectors, and will endeavor to provide a joint mechanism for cooperation.
He also thanked the Qatar Embassy in Madrid and the QBA partners in Spain for organizing the virtual meeting, “which aims to build bridges of cooperation and

QBA Second Deputy Sheikh Dr. Khaled bin Thani al-Thani

benefit from the experiences of all businessmen of the two countries.
During the meeting, it was announced that Sheikh Faisal and the president of the Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, would be the honorary presidents of the council.
“In Qatar, we value our economic partners around the world and see Spain as a market full of economic opportunities in various sectors. In this context, we invite the Spanish

Ambassador Salem al-Jaber, Director of European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

investors to take advantage of promising opportunities and the favorable environment offered by the Qatari economy, particularly with the presence of free zones.
“We want to see more Spanish companies come to the Qatari market; we will work together to develop our partnerships and discuss joint investment opportunities, whether in

Saud al-Mana, QBA board member

Qatar, Spain or any other destination in the world,” said Sheikh Faisal.
As co-chairmen of the board, the QBA’s second deputy, Sheikh Khaled bin Thani al-Thani, who is also chairman and CEO of Qatar International Islamic Bank, will be

Ignacio Galán, president of the Aberdrola company

representing the Qatari side, while Ignacio Galan, President of Aberdrola Company will represent Spain.
The meeting was also marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Sheikh Faisal and Garamendi.

Antonio Garamendi, President of the CEOE

Sheikh Khalid said he hoped the business council “would be a step” towards more economic and trade cooperation, and would help to strengthen mutual investment between Qatar and Spain, as well as explore business opportunities. investment available in both countries.
Sheikh Khaled also said that the MoU provides for two main areas represented by the expansion of economic, technical and scientific cooperation and the exchange of information between the two countries, which creates a healthy business environment aimed at promoting the development of commercial and industrial activities in Qatar and Spain.
“The Memorandum of Understanding also included a very important part concerning the strengthening of direct contacts between entrepreneurs of the two countries and the organization of regular meetings of the council and the exchange of visits to present joint business projects, which promotes the investment and supports economic development,” said Sheikh Khaled.
Galan, for his part, encouraged Spanish companies to study the opportunities present in Qatar’s free zones and benefit from the privileges offered by these facilities, which he said offer many opportunities for foreign companies.
The council included major Spanish companies, such as Iberdrola, Grupo Prisa, El Corte Ingles, Grupo Santander, Ferrovial, FCC, La Liga Group, Colonial, Copasa, Ecisa and Aguas de Valencia, as well as Qatar Airways in Spain.
On the Qatari side, the council includes Al-Faisal Holding Company, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Al Mana Group, Blue Salon, Al Mannai Company, Arab Engineering Bureau, Al-Wataniya International Group and LuLu International Group.