Spanish companies ready to complete stalled projects, delegations to visit Tripoli soon – LibyaHerald

By Sami Zaptia.

Spanish companies are ready to resume stalled projects and Spanish delegations will soon visit Tripoli, Spanish Ambassador Javier García Larrache said during his visit to the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce (Photo: Tripoli Chamber of Commerce).

London, June 2, 2021:

Spain is seeking to activate cooperation with Libya and Spanish companies are ready to complete their previous contracts, Spanish Ambassador to Libya Javier García Larrache has said.

He also expressed his country’s will to open new horizons for cooperation in all fields and at all levels between his country and Libya.

The statement came during his visit to the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture last Sunday and his meeting with its head Mohamed Gaddah.

The ambassador referred to the arrival of an economic delegation composed of several businessmen in Libya in the coming days, and revealed that arrangements are being made in his country for the visit of a large economic delegation. high level in Libya later.

SMEs and diversification

For his part, the President of the Chamber of Tripoli indicated that the urgent need at present, which would consolidate the economic relations between the two countries, is cooperation in the field of small and medium industries, and to what extent the Spain and Spanish companies that manufacture machinery and small factories can contribute to this urgent strategic effort for Libya to diversify its sources of income.

It was also agreed to build bridges of communication through the Embassy between the Chamber of Commerce of Tripoli and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Madrid and Barcelona to conclude cooperation agreements that serve the companies of both countries. and allow them to cooperate.

The Tripoli Chamber also underlined the importance and the need for the affiliation of Spanish companies and their branches operating in Libya to the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce in order to receive the support and assistance necessary to facilitate their administrative procedures with competent Libyan institutions.

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