The absence of many Italian and Spanish companies and buyers was felt at Fruit Logistica 2022

In Berlin, FreshPlaza met Maurizio Fiorenza, director of EcoFarm PO.

“In such an abnormal season where everyone is waiting for something positive to happen, Fruit Logistica has been characterized by uncertainty for many operators. The spirit at Europe’s leading fair was surreal, lacking the usual liveliness.

Maurizio Fiorenza notably noted “the absence of many Italian and Spanish operators, as well as many representatives of European supermarket chains”.

“It would have been better without the ongoing war. However, Berlin 2022 is still a point to restart after the pandemic. We can actually say that events have officially restarted, but not in perfect shape. There had been some signals in Madrid, but there is no indication what would happen in Eastern Europe.”

“Berlin remains a pivot of comparison within the sector with its interesting conventions. The importance of the fairs is confirmed once again. I must say that the absence of many Italian companies has made itself felt, but I hope the see in Rimini for Macfrut 2022.”

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