The pros and cons of owning a historic home

What is a historic district?

Historic districts are groups of buildings, properties or sites belonging to different real estates that have historical or architectural significance. Historic districts are selected at the federal, state, or local level. Because the general charm of the neighborhood generates income for the community, local designations tend to have the most stringent and strictly enforced rules.

In some cases, a house may not meet the criteria to be a historic house on its own. But, if it is part of a historic district, it can get historic preservation rights. On the other hand, some houses may avoid historical protections if they are considered “non-contributory”.

Here are some examples of historic neighborhoods across the country.

Henderson Place Historic District in New York

On 87th Street, between York Avenue and East End Avenue, is Henderson Place. With three roadblocks and a private road sitting to one side, the buildings were once included in a 32-house housing estate.

Eight of the remaining buildings have been demolished, but those that remain are in the Queen Anne architectural style. Also among the historic district are the homes across East End Avenue. This neighborhood has even been home to famous residents: Horace Green and the Duke and Duchess of Richelieu.

Victorian Row Historic District in California

The Victorian Row Historic District represents the most cohesive surviving part of the 19th century business district in Oakland. It is an essential element of the role of the district in commercial development. This small neighborhood, located in the main town of the East Bay, illustrates how extremely detailed commercial design was in the 19th century.

Although this neighborhood is small, it emanates from the sense of time of the times. While showing how this era was a period of the most important commercial expansion of the 19th century.

Thornton Park Florida

There are six local historic districts nestled in Orlando. Thornton Park is the most popular area, filled with restaurants, lounges and shops. This revitalized community commemorates its history while incorporating fun and contemporary attractions. Homes come in a variety of styles, from Craftsman-style structures and 1920s bungalows to neo-Tudor. These beautiful structures span restored brick streets with immaculate landscaping.