Walvis Bay cancels pensioners’ debts

Residents of WALVIS Bay can breathe a sigh of relief after City Council decided to write off outstanding pensioner debt, interest on other residents’ debt, as well as extend the amnesty period for companies.

This was announced on Wednesday at a public meeting in Tutaleni, Kuisebmond.

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes said the aid is aimed at helping residents during tough economic times.

Forbes noted that retirees’ debt will only be forgiven if they are registered and reside on the property.

The council also decided to build a desalination plant in the city, in order to provide water at a lower cost to the inhabitants.

However, he said they were having difficulties with the central government in terms of obtaining the necessary permits.

However, he urged residents to continue paying their bills.

“It’s money we need to provide other services such as road maintenance, repairing potholes and upgrading the sewage system, to name a few. -ones.”

Residents of Walvis Bay currently owe the municipality a total of N$265 million, Urban Walvis Bay owes N$96 million, Meersig N$15 million, Narraville N$22 million, Kuisebmond N$100 million, Dolphin Beach N$22 million and Langstrand N$7 million.

“If you have a house and you have a prepaid water meter, you still have to pay tariffs and taxes. The problem you face is if your water is cut off then you don’t know why, it’s because your tariffs and taxes are high, you never paid them,” he said.

The municipality has to pay NamWater around N$10 million every month, he said.

“This money must be paid every month. If you don’t, NamWater will no longer provide water to our city,” he said.

The council is also considering buying water vending machines, which would provide water to residents when the municipality is closed at weekends.

“We had a few introductions. It’s something we really want to do. It’s no use saying the place is open and then people are getting ready to buy but the place is closed. The problem is that you may receive your salary late on Friday or Saturday. You want to buy water and now you have this problem because you can’t buy water. We are aware of this and are working on a solution,” Forbes said.