Wirral: a man gives up the “high life” to create an independent company

A RESTAURANT manager has given up his corporate ‘big life’ after finding true love and business success in a seaside town of Wirral.

Originally from Stirling in Scotland, Richard Fergie was the manager of a large chain of restaurants where he took care of more than 150 employees.

From the outside, it looked like Richard was living a great life when the reality was very different.

He said: ‘For everyone watching, life was good for me and I was shattering it as a manager of a big, well-known hotel brand, but what they didn’t see was the stress. what it brings.

“The business exploded as a business and with that it quickly had to deal with thousands of customers each week, over 150 employees, financial pressures and even a fire at one of the sites. .”

With the pressures of his job mounting, Richard said the fast pace of his job was starting to take its toll.

He said: “As we opened more restaurants, I ate and slept less.

“What really struck me was when I was in Spain for a well-deserved vacation.

“I remember being at the beach all alone watching the sunset and thinking how nice it would be to share that with someone.

“I had been far too busy for love but suddenly realized that there was something really missing in my life.”

Richard joined a dating site and in December 2020 he met a woman named Ellie de Wirral and quickly fell in love.

Richard said: “I didn’t think love was possible working in my fast-paced directorial role, but meeting Ellie was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Richard moved from Scotland to Wirral to be with Ellie and in November 2021 opened The Good Hood in West Kirby.

Offering fun, messy and juicy dishes such as artisan burgers and gourmet pizzas, as well as colorful and creative cocktails, Richard has brought his knowledge of building a multi-award-winning brand to opening a city. independent resort.

Chester and District Standard:

He said: “The difference between life then and my life now is pure joy – the slower pace of life makes me appreciate things more, the little things, and West Kirby is utterly charming.

Chester and District Standard:

“People here are so friendly and accept a foreigner who is new to the area.”

West Kirby’s New York-style hangout has been a big hit with locals due to its mouth-watering comfort food, creative cocktails and relaxed vibe

Richard said, “The Good Hood is about creating a place where you can relax, unwind and hang out, with simple, raw, urban style and fun, top-quality American cuisine.

“The feedback has been amazing and people love that we have one of West Kirby’s only sun traps on the back.

“It’s so much better to run a small independent.”